Special Complex & Co. #2


For the 2nd part, a little quiet.. Before storms.
More downtempo; slightly balearicosmica..
Here we go to the dirty part 2:

Alice & The Sunsetz - Alive/Deviation Social - Multitato Humanus Tabesco
Thomas Scholz - 2-3
Unknownmix - Legal Massacre
Bourbonese Qualk - Left Hearted
Tom Ware - Chinatown
- Interlude : Thule - Ssel Gnieman Lla
Nova - Terranova
Shoc Corridor - Almost In Walking Distance
Neon - Stelle Estricie
- Outerlude : Thule - Ssel Gnieman Lla
The Protagonist 28 - Cry Across The Sea
Hard Corps - Dirty
Mark Lane & The Klink - Hate Of Religion (Live '85)
Pyrolator - Max
Hermann Kopp - Mondo Zombie
Silent Types - Upset
Xynn - Computed Man
10lec6 - Drown Dogs
Snatch - Joey (SFTWE#8)
Funking Subway (?) - Funking (?)


French Touch #2

la puissance, toujours la puissance...



L'étalon Italo

Deux chansons du folklore italien en attendant, avec au passage un big up au dénommé Alanrk pour ses rips infernaux.
Retour très vite avec une nouvelle série de SFTWE (dans quelle galère je me suis foutu avec cette série...)


Special Complex & Co. #1


Hey Summers,
I discovered the New Wave Complex series a few time ago and had the idea to mix the best of my favourite tunes from these comps
through different sets.
Just tried to catch up the lost time during which I missed these dark sides; so late..
You'll see, most of them come from Complex, few from Sensationnel prods,
but not only..
Just keep an opened ear and enjoy!
Ready for the wave?
Here we go to the part 1:

Magthea & JR Smets - Funky Nightmare
A.T.R.O.X. - New York Race
Geile Tiere - Liebst Du Mich?
Diseno Corbusier - Golpe De Amistad
Munk - Baldelli
Chris & Cosey - Delirium
Executive Slacks - 30 Years
The Empty Quarter - Glass Finger
Harold Faltermeyer - Exotic Skates
Lila - Good Luck
Kiem - Behind
Ghostape - Beautiful (Premier Rang remix)
Earthling - You Go On Natural
Knife Lust - Shrivel Up
Aside Beside - Engine (Of Ignorance)
Polar Praxis - (I Want) To Be Different
Vice - See!
Die Krupps - True Work True Pay
Ami Marie - Wir Sind Sufrieden
Steve Fisk - Woodstock
Entertainment - Touch The Lip

Back soon..


French Wanker #3

Don't miss this post every week.
French music, the weird side only.

Garçons - French Boy (1979)
Nox - AVD (1988)
Clearlight Symphony - La Fin Du Début (1974)




Here is the new mix, currently what I am playing this summer, some new and exclusives tracks by Discodeine, Pilooski, It's a Fine Line, Mickey Moonlight and more..
I ll be back in September ok??

Download to the show Here




W.A.T. - Wax (1985)

Been listening to this for the past two months and just can't stop. Beautiful!

W.A.T. - Wax (1985)