Turkish psych or ‘Anadolu Pop’ has been a big love affair for me since a DJ friend played some out one night, my jaw dropped my face melted and my feet kept moving. A clash of eastern traditions and western grooves, initially inspired by such surf bands as The Shadows and there progression into rock and rollers, many musicians manipulated the traditional instruments, which they where inherently trained in, to create a wondrous noise. I could go on….but here’s a mix I did that speaks better about the music than I ever could…unfortunately about 70 per cent of all vinyl was melted during the Persian Oil crisis, making it hard to find, rare and at times pricey…but a bit of patience and a bit of hunting can lead to some forgotten eastern treasures…these are mostly 45’s bar the 2nd Zafer Dilek track (LP) and the 2nd Selda track which can be found, with some more Anatolian treasures on the brilliant Finders Keepers Records label.


Okay Temiz – Denizalti Rüzcarlari
Baris Manco – Güme Ah Güme
Baris Manco – Işte Hendek Işte Deve
Baris Manco – Nazar Eyle, Nazar Eyle
Edip Akbayram – Mehmet Emmi
Alpay – Kalenin Bayir Düzü
Ersen – Bir Ayrilik Bir Yoksulluk Bir ölüm
Erkin Koray – Hadi hadi ordan
Baris Manco – Estergon Kalesi
Ersen – Kara Yazi
Edip Akbayram – Yakar Inceden Inceden
Ersen – Kozan Daği
Erkin Koray – Mesafeler
Erkin Koray – Aşk Oyunu
Selda – Anayaso
Erkin Koray – Yagmur
Tülay – Geceler
Zafer Dilek – Yeşil Yaylam
Ersen – Sor Kendine
Ersen – Beni Hor Görme Kardeşim
Erkin Koray – Olmayinca olmuyor
Zafer Dilek – Sultan Ciftetellisi
Selda – Yaylalar
Sakir öner günhan - Zührem