Ask an italian friend (dj or promoter) who is the best underground disc jockey of the Bel Paese after the 90s. If this guy doesn’t answer “Obviously PeakNick” dump him.

Born and raised in the little village of Manerbio (where he still lives) PeakNick has started his career at the age of 14, becoming in few years the hidden treasure of clubs like the Link (Bologna) and the Plastic (Milan). And if you have ever been there, mind that he is the dj in the sailor uniform who invited A Touch Of Class, Mu, people from Clone, Suicide and In Flagranti to perform unforgottable live shows.
His anti-marketing theory, his anarchism together with the extreme research and technique have generated a real cult (and actually some envy), but it’s not easy to catch him, unless you hang out with Thomas Brinkmann or write books about the New Dada of Guglielmo Achille Cavellini.
All the other people need to book a flight to his Babel where Hammurabi plays his ‘multi-dj-set’ on the 3rd friday of the month in Milan.


jesus, mary magdalene and the apostles - what's the buzz (andrew lloyd webber, mca 1974)
van der hoogs country curative - circle o.b.s. (noodles, 1998)
the emperor machine - repetition (rapster, 2008)
classical mechanics - black body radiation (panache, 1979)
adn ckrystall - pour l'amour d'un cygne & puckies power (adn, 1982)
armando - snare your ass off (warehouse, 1989)
twist 82 - he's just a yoyo (five, 1982)
requiem - bruce haack (t.taylor, j. st. john, c.kachulis, columbia 2001 - repress)
shangri-la - give him a great big kiss (red bird, 1964)